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You need to change your travel plans at short notice, get sick during your trip or your luggage gets lost? Don't travel without insurance. As an ACL member, you can now easily take out the cover of your choice.

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Coverage overview

Cancellation Insurance

  • Financial coverage when plans change before the start of a trip, for instance due to illness
  • Trip interruption: Proportionate reimbursement of the remaining days in the event of an early return, for example after illness or injury
  • Flight tickets, accommodation, car rental, cruises, tours, excursions, etc. are covered — as long as you include them in the total cost of the trip
  • Annual coverage: Coverage limit per trip and per person: 5.000€
  • Single trip coverage: Coverage limit per trip = total cost of the trip

Luggage Insurance

  • Coverage for luggage and personal belongings
  • Coverage for special items up to 50% of the sum insured (e.g. jewelry, precious stones, pearls, watches, cameras)
  • Luggage Assistance in case of theft
  • Coverage of identity documents, driver's license, bank cards: up to 350€
  • Coverage of goods purchased during the trip: up to 500€
  • Luggage delay of more than 8 hours: up to 250€
  • Set the insured sum per person between 500€ and 3.500€

Choose the right insurance for your trip

Cancellation insurance + Luggage insurance


Cancellation insurance only
Single trip coverage


Annual coverage

Coverage examples


Cancellation protection: You have booked a trip. Shortly before the start of the trip, your child becomes seriously ill. Cancellation fees are refunded to you for the whole family.


Trip interruption: reimbursement in proportion to the remaining days in the event of an early return, for example after illness or injury


Luggage: Luggage is lost during the flight. Luggage, photographic equipment and replacement of documents are paid for.

Not covered

Shortly before the start of the trip, you separate from your partner. The trip must be canceled. For coverage to exist, the ground for cancellation would have to be accident, illness or material damage.

Not covered

You miss your connecting flight due to a delay. The costs of an additional night are not covered. Why: This is not a case of illness, accident, etc. Note: The airline may be held responsible in this case, depending on the reason for the delay.

Not covered

Theft of cash or credit cards from your luggage.

8 reasons to choose ACL Travel

Attractive insurance terms, negotiated specifically for ACL members
Online quote calculation — quick and easy (with personalised offer)
Online subscription — receive your insurance certificate instantly via email
Bâloise Assurances — your reliable insurer
Clear and transparent insurance terms and conditions
Trip cancellation due to a COVID-19 infection included
Customer support at your service from Mon-Fri 8-18h
Quick and easy claims process

Any further questions?

We have compiled detailed FAQs covering the most frequently asked questions.

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