Frequently asked questions


1 - Who is ACL Assurances?

We use the name 'ACL Assurances' in order to allow you to better find the insurance offers that we offer to our members. ACL is not an insurance intermediary or an insurer and has no participation in an insurance company.

2 - Who is the insurer?

For this insurance program we have chosen Baloise Assurances Luxembourg

Baloise Assurances has been offering insurance services in Luxembourg since 1890. This company is firmly established and anchored in the economic and social fabric of the country. Baloise Assurances Luxembourg is part of the Swiss group Baloise, which is also present in Germany, Belgium, Liechtenstein and, of course, Switzerland.

8, rue du Château d'Eau
L-3364 Leudelange
BP28, L-2010 Luxembourg
Customer Service: +352 290 190 777
Reception: +352 290 190 1
Fax: +352 290 190 9001

3 - Why take out travel insurance?

You are never safe from a medical or professional problem a few days before departure! And what if your luggage does not reach its destination or it arrives damaged?

Going on trips requires a minimum of precautions before departure. Not taking out travel insurance is saving at the wrong end!

"But, I already have a credit card with travel insurance"
Only premium credit cards include insurance guarantees (cancellation, luggage, etc.). These cards, whose guarantees vary from one bank to another, generally have less coverage than traditional travel insurance contracts. Taking out an insurance contract will allow you to effectively supplement the insurance included with your card.

4 - When to take out travel insurance?

Travel cancellation insurance must be taken out before you leave on your trip, either at the time or before you book your trip. If the cancellation insurance is taken out after the trip has been booked, you have 30 days between taking out the cancellation insurance and the trip departure. For 'last minute' trips the period is shortened to 7 days.

5 - For which countries is travel insurance compulsory?

Although having travel insurance is not a formality imposed by many destinations, there are countries that will require you to have taken out travel insurance in order to obtain a visa.

There are 5 of these countries: Algeria, China, Cuba, Mongolia and Russia.

Without a travel insurance certificate, no traveler will be allowed to enter their territory. It is therefore important to take out insurance before applying for a visa. In case of visa refusal, ACL Travel insurance will reimburse you for your travel insurance.

Regardless of the destination, purchasing travel insurance is strongly recommended to cover you in the event of the unforeseen.

6 - What are the prerequisites needed to subscribe?

Only ACL members have access to this offer. Please provide your membership number when subscribing.

You are not yet a member of the ACL? Please register on

7 - How can I get more information about the insurance?

To have more details about the insurance offered on this website or to find out which insurance is best suited to your situation, please contact our Customer Support at +352 45 0045-1 (Mo-Fr, 8-18h, except on public holidays).

8 - In which countries is my travel insurance valid?

The insurance is valid worldwide. Refer to the insurance conditions (article 8) regarding exclusions.

Example of exclusion: any request for reimbursement in countries in a state of war or civil unrest, as well as those where the free movement of persons is not authorized.

9 - Can I shift or modify the dates of the contract?

It is possible to change your contract dates as long as the latter has not taken effect. You will then need to contact our Customer Support on: +352 450045-1 from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (except public holidays), in order to cancel your subscription and take out a new one.

10 - How will I receive my contract information?

Upon completion of your subscription, you will receive an e-mail confirmation including your certificate of insurance, the invoice and the general terms and conditions.

If you have not received an e-mail, you can contact our Customer Support so that they can send you the information relating to your insurance contract.

11 - How do I pay my insurance premium?

Pay by credit card (VISA or MasterCard) when taking out your insurance contract on our website or pay the premium by bank transfer. The bank details can be found on the invoice you received by e-mail.

12 - How does payment by credit card work?

The following cards will be accepted by our system: VISA or MasterCard. Follow the instructions on the subscription form. Your transaction is fully end-to-end encrypted.

13 - I have subscribed to the annual plan. Do I receive my renewal invoices automatically in the future?

Your insurance contract is of the 'automatic renewal' type. The payment notice will be sent to you by e-mail approx. 30 days before the annual renewal date.

14 - I have subscribed to the annual plan. Why does my first invoice not match the subsequent one?

You have more than likely purchased your insurance policy during the year. The renewal date for our annual insurance contracts is January 1st. Your first premium statement was therefore only a fraction of an annual premium (prorated).

15 - I did not receive a confirmation email.

If you do not receive the confirmation within an hour, please contact us mentioning the date and time of the subscription.

16 - Do I have a right of withdrawal when subscribing online?

In accordance with the legislation in force, the additional provisions of this article apply to distance insurance contracts concluded with a policyholder (you) who is a natural person who acts for purposes that do not fall within the scope of within the framework of its commercial or professional activity.

Right of withdrawal

  • You have a period of fourteen calendar days to retract, without penalty and motive.
  • The period during which the right of withdrawal may be exercised begins to run:
    • a) either from the day on which the insurance contract at distance is concluded;
    • b) either from the day on which you receive the general and special conditions and other information concerning the contract if the latter date is later than that referred to under a).
  • The right of withdrawal does not apply:
    • a) to travel or luggage insurance contracts or to other similar short-term insurance contracts;
    • b) to insurance contracts executed in full by both parties at your express request before you exercise your right of withdrawal.
  • If you exercise your right of withdrawal, you signal it before the expiry of the period by registered letter or by another durable medium which is at our disposal and to which we have access. The deadline is considered to be met if the notification was sent before its expiration. Withdrawal releases you from any future obligations arising from the contract.
17 - How do I terminate my contract?

The cancellation must be requested by registered letter: 30 days before the annual due date of the contract or within one month after the cancellation of a guarantee or other insurance contract by the insurance company following a claim or within 60 days after a premium increase notified by the insurance company.

The Insurance Company may terminate the contract after a claim, fraud, default or upon notice 60 days before the annual maturity date of the contract.

18 - Are there any deductibles in my contract?

No, our travel insurance does not include any deductibles.

19 - I am already insured with another insurer for the same risk. What are the steps to follow in order to change?

Do you have a travel insurance policy taken out in Luxembourg and prefer to opt for our solution? Nothing could be easier: Download the attached form, complete, sign and return this document to us at

20 - I do not wish to subscribe via your website. Is there another possibility to subscribe?

This type of insurance contract is only distributed through our website. However, you can contact customer service. Your correspondent will be happy to help you.

21 - On which document do I find my insurance contract number?

You will find the policy number on your invoice as well as on the insurance certificate.

22 - How do I report my change of address or family situation?

The easiest way is to send us an email and we will update your data.

23 - I am no longer a member of the ACL. Can I continue to benefit from my annual travel insurance contract?

With your disaffiliation as a member of the ACL you unfortunately also lose the benefit of this insurance contract. However, your contract will not cease its effects until the next term (January 1 of the following year).

24 - [COVID-19] In the context of the pandemic, I no longer want to go on vacation. Can I take advantage of my 'Cancellation' insurance?

No. Unfortunately, the travel cancellation insurance does not cover your personal decision not to travel anymore.

25 - [COVID-19] My country of residence has decided to proceed with the containment / lockdown with the impossibility of traveling. Will my 'Cancellation' insurance contract reimburse my costs?

No. This is not a guaranteed event under your insurance contract. Some companies and/or tour operators may offer you the option of canceling or postponing your trip free of charge.

26 - [COVID-19] The country I was supposed to visit has just closed its borders because of the pandemic. Can I count on my 'Cancellation' insurance for reimbursement?

No. This is not a covered event under your insurance contract. Some companies and/or tour operators may offer you the option of canceling or postponing your trip free of charge.

27 - [COVID-19] The organizer or the tour operator has just canceled the trip. What should I do to cancel, postpone or modify my travel insurance contract?

My trip is postponed / modified - I want to modify my insurance contract accordingly
For a modification and postponement of your contract, we invite you to contact us by specifying the policy number of your contract. We will thus proceed with the regularization and modification of your contract.

My trip has been canceled by the organizer - I wish to cancel my insurance contract and obtain a refund
For a cancellation of your contract, we invite you to contact us by specifying the policy number of your contract.

28 - [COVID-19] Following a suspicion of infection with Covid-19, I was placed in quarantine. Am I entitled to reimbursement of my cancellation costs?

Yes. You can cancel your trip, and if you have taken out travel insurance including the 'Cancellation' guarantee, you can be reimbursed according to the conditions and within the limits indicated in your contract.

29 - [COVID-19] My traveling companion tested positive for the Covid-19 virus and was therefore quarantined before our trip. Can I cancel my trip and get a refund?

Yes. You can cancel your trip, and if you have taken out travel insurance including the 'Cancellation' guarantee, you can be reimbursed according to the conditions and within the limits indicated in your contract.

30 - [COVID-19] Arrived at my destination in the country of my vacation, I was placed in quarantine. Can I cancel the trip and take advantage of the guarantees in my insurance contract?

No. The insurance contract does not provide for any benefits in this case, which you can claim. We recommend that you consult your tour guide. Your tour operator will probably have a solution for such cases.

Cancellation Insurance

1 - What should I indicate for the price of the trip?

The total price of the trip corresponds to the amount of the booked services that you wish to insure (transport, accommodation, vehicle rental, administrative fees, airport taxes, etc.), for all the participants in the trip. Only the declared services can be covered in the event of cancellation.

2 - How is the price of my cancellation guarantee calculated?

When quoting, we always ask you to indicate the total amount of your trip. If you are traveling as a group and you have booked flights, hotels or excursions, it will therefore be necessary to enter a total amount including all the services which are not refundable in the event of cancellation.

Here is an example to better understand what the cancellation insurance is for:
I booked a trip to New York for 2.500€. 5 days before departure, I fell seriously ill, unable to fly and travel under these conditions. The tour operator with whom I booked this trip retains 75% of the cost of canceling the trip, for a total amount of 1.875€.

The tour operator will therefore reimburse you 2.500 - 1.875 = 625€. With the trip cancellation insurance you will recover 1.875€ from the insurer in addition to the amount from the tour operator (625€).

3 - In which cases am I covered?

We fully cover the administrative costs of changing travel or subsistence. We guarantee the reimbursement of any costs and deductions for which the insured would be liable in the event of cancellation of a trip which would be caused by one of the circumstances listed below:

  • A serious illness, an accident, the death, disappearance or kidnapping of:
    • the insured;
    • an accompanying person;
    • a family member up to the second degree of kinship;
    • a person living under his roof and he/she is responsible for the care.
  • In the event of premature delivery (before the 33rd week) of a member of the insured's family up to the second degree of kinship.
  • Pregnancy of the insured as such, provided that the trip is planned during the last 3 months of pregnancy and that the trip has been taken out before the start of the pregnancy.
  • In the event of dismissal of the insured or his spouse.
  • In the event of cancellation of a honeymoon of the insured following the cancellation of the civil ceremony on presentation of an official document.
  • In the event of divorce of the insured, provided that the procedure has been initiated after booking the trip.
  • In the event of a de-facto separation of the insured insofar as one of the spouses has changed domicile after booking the trip.
  • In the event that the employer revokes the insured person's vacation leave, provided that the event occurs within the thirty days preceding the departure
    • as a result of illness or the accident of a colleague responsible for his replacement;
    • if the insured must take an examination within the framework of a professional activity;
    • if the presence of the insured is essential following a change of function.
  • When the insured, job seeker, concludes an employment contract for a period of at least three months starting in the thirty days preceding the departure.
  • When the insured has been refused the necessary visa to undertake the trip unless entry restrictions on the territory result from earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, events of war, strikes, riots, attacks, pandemic, civil or military unrest or damage caused by war vehicles.
  • When the insured cannot be vaccinated for a medical reason, provided that this vaccination is required by the local authorities.
  • Theft of the identity papers and/or visa of the insured within 48 hours before departure on presentation of a declaration from the competent authorities.
  • When the insured must present a second exam session, within 30 days of returning from travel, provided that this is scheduled at the latest.
  • In the event of significant material damage to the property of the insured person in the thirty days preceding departure; provided that such damage was not foreseeable and that the presence of the insured is absolutely required and not postponable.
  • When the insured person's means of transport is rendered inactive due to a traffic accident, and causes a delay in departure, or a case of unforeseeable circumstances occurring during the route taken by the insured to the place of boarding.
  • In the event of total immobilization of the private vehicle of the insured or an accompanying person, resulting from a traffic accident, theft, vandalism or fire, at the time of departure or in the 48 hours preceding it or en route to a holiday resort located abroad, provided that it cannot be repaired in order to reach the destination on time.
  • When the insured or a member of his family up to the second degree of kinship is called or summoned:
    • for legal procedures relating to child adoption;
    • for an organ transplant (as donor or recipient);
    • as a witness in court following a summons by a legal letter.
4 - What happens if I have to interrupt my trip?

In this case we will reimburse the balance of the vacation days calculated in proportion to the remaining days:

  • in the event of repatriation for medical reasons contractually planned and organized by us or by another company assistance;
  • in the event of early return in the following cases:
    • death of a family member up to the second degree of relationship;
    • hospitalization of the spouse, father, mother, son or daughter;
    • a serious loss at home.
5 - Will you reimburse me for the premium paid for the luggage guarantee in the event of trip cancellation?

We reimburse any Luggage cover taken out on a temporary basis in this contract as long as the trip is canceled on the basis of one of the aforementioned reasons.

6 - What are the major exclusions?

In addition to the exclusions or limitations provided for elsewhere:

  • Cancellation costs are excluded from the insurance:
    • when the policyholder is not able to provide us with an invoice for the reservation indicating the dates, destination and price of the trip;
    • for stays in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg of less than 4 consecutive days;
    • for stays of less than 150 €;
    • for trips inherent to additional schooling, regardless of the organizer, with the exception of group school trips.
  • Are excluded from the insurance, the cancellation costs resulting from:
    • earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, war events, strikes, riots, attacks, pandemics, civil or military unrest or damage caused by war vehicles;
    • without prejudice to the provisions specific to the § "Reimbursement of costs and deductions" above: childbirth;
    • of mental disorders, neuropathies or psychosomatic, except if it is a first manifestation;
    • of the insolvency of the insured;
    • without prejudice to the provisions specific to the § "Reimbursement of costs and deductions" above: administrative costs and other similar costs;
    • without prejudice to the provisions specific to the § "Reimbursement of costs and deductions" below. before: delays caused by traffic;
    • anything that is not expressly or formally stipulated in this contract;
    • without prejudice to the provisions specific to the § "Reimbursement of costs and deductions "above: the cancellation by the employer of the insured's leave following understaffing.

The stated exclusions above are applicable to the insured whose medical condition is the cause of the request for intervention, provided that the insured is aware of this medical condition.

7 - What are the compensation limits?

Concerning the cancellation of a trip or modification of a trip or stay:

Our contribution to the costs referred to in the "Reimbursement of costs and deductions" above cannot exceed the price of the trip and is limited, in all cases, to the amounts indicated in the table of guarantees or in the special conditions.

Concerning the interruption of the trip:

The intervention is limited to the pro rata of the period not used as part of the "trip interruption".

This may be increased by 10% for activities (excursions, car rental, etc.) booked during the stay and not used. As part of the practice of winter sports, we reimburse unused ski pass and ski lessons due to travel interruption.

8 - I'm not able to travel anymore. Who do I have to inform first?

Please inform your travel agent immediately and then notify us of your insured event by completing our claim declaration.

Your intention to cancel your trip must be reported immediately so that the costs can be reduced to a minimum in accordance with the cancellation fee.

Your first point of contact should therefore always be your travel agent or the Tour Operator itself.

9 - What are the cancellation fees?

If you are unable to travel and you have to cancel your reservation, the travel company with whom you made the booking may charge you all or part of the price of the services (cancellation charges). These charges correspond to the expense costs retained by the travel company.

10 - Are there any costs remaining at my expense?

This is the very principle of cancellation insurance which provides for the reimbursement of the costs invoiced by the trip organizer, the airline or the rental agency, due to the cancellation of the trip by the customer.

Nevertheless, the insurance contract provides for the reimbursement of these various costs within the limit of a ceiling and after deduction of a deductible (if mentioned in the contract terms and conditions). For more information, see the terms and conditions of your contract.

11 - What is a cancellation fee schedule and where can I find this type of information?

When you cancel your trip, all or part of the price of the canceled services, called cancellation fees, is kept at your expense. These costs are calculated according to a scale indicated in the general conditions of sale of your trip. The closer your departure date, the higher this amount.

12 - Are the people accompanying me also insured?

No. Cancellation insurance is an individual guarantee. If you want the people accompanying you on your trip to also be covered, you must declare each beneficiary when you take out your contract.

13 - Why is the reimbursement lower than the price of the trip?

We only reimburse cancellation fees due under the contract. The insurance premium, deductible (if mentioned in the contract terms and conditions) and ancillary costs (administration fees, visa fees, etc.) are never reimbursed.

14 - Can I modify my insurance contract before the departure date?

Absolutely: contact us mentioning the desired changes. You will then receive a new contract with the related premium statement.

15 - Why can I no longer take out cancellation insurance?

Travel cancellation insurance can only be taken out on the day of purchase of the trip or at the latest before the start of the cancellation fees due.

Luggage Insurance

1 - How can I insure my luggage?

Luggage insurance is an option that you can take out at the same time as travel cancellation insurance. It covers the loss of or damage to luggage by the airport company (usually the airline). The cover also applies locally abroad during your trip, including in the event of the theft of valuables. You must then file a claim within 72 hours and report the damage to the insurance company.

In the event of loss of or damage to your luggage by the carrier, the carrier must report the damage to its insurer. Compensation will be paid in accordance with applicable international rules, not taking into account the real loss in value of your luggage.

ACL Travel Insurance will reimburse you the difference within the limit set by you in your contract.

In the event of a delay in the delivery of your luggage to your destination, ACL Travel Insurance can also reimburse you for the purchase of necessities.

2 - What does the 'luggage' guarantee cover?

We guarantee, within the limits of this contract and up to the amount of the insured sums, all risks of total or partial destruction, theft or deterioration due to any fortuitous circumstance that the insured objects may suffer, as well as the loss of luggage while it is taken on consignment by the carrier.

This insurance is intended to cover luggage both during business trips and during private trips. It cannot take effect for trips involving a change of domicile, even temporary, and must cover the entire period between departure and return home.

Cover is granted at first risk.

The following services are also insured:

  • Luggage Assistance: If, following a theft, the insured is stripped of his luggage, we can send him a suitcase containing essentials. This is prepared and made available to us by a person designated by the insured. Shipping costs are the responsibility of the insurer.
  • Luggage delay: In case of late delivery of at least 8 hours of luggage abroad during travel by plane, we will reimburse the purchase of essential items upon proof.

The following are insured:

  • luggage that insured persons take with them for their personal use, including clothing and items worn on the body and items carried in their pockets;
  • special items;
  • identity documents, driver's license, bank cards and credit cards;
  • goods purchased during the luggage coverage period. The benefit of this guarantee will only be granted on presentation of the original purchase invoices.
3 - What goods are not covered?
  • Goods with a unit value of more than 1.500 €;
  • cash (coins and banknotes), bonds or valuables, check books, travel tickets, goods or food items, films, records, cassettes, CDs, electronic game cassettes, diving equipment, windsurf boards, sunglasses, contact lenses and prostheses;
  • vehicles of locomotion and transport (bicycles, canoes, skis, etc.) except when they are stored or transported;
  • vehicles falling under the application of the law relating to compulsory insurance of motor vehicles.

Beware of limitations in the event of theft!

  • Only covered by the guarantee theft:
    • theft committed by break-in (physical traces of break-in must be observed);
    • theft without breaking and entering when committed in a hotel room or bed and breakfast;
    • theft committed against the person with or without violence.
  • Always excluded from the guarantee:
    • theft in tents;
    • theft in shared dormitories;
    • theft of special items in a vehicle;
    • theft at nighttime from a vehicle parked on public roads or any other unlocked location;
    • when these objects are not locked under key in a storage compartment or in the luggage compartment of a vehicle fitted with a rear shelf;
    • Jewelry theft from a hotel room or guest room that is temporarily unoccupied unless it is committed by breaking into the room's wall safe.
4 - How do I determine the sum insured for my luggage?

Determine the sum insured for each participant in the trip individually and according to the value of the personal belongings carried (or special items).

The duration of your trip considerably influences the weight of your luggage as well as its value - take this into account!

We recommend insuring a minimum of 750€ per person for a trip not exceeding 3 days. This amount should be doubled for any trip exceeding 1 week.

5 - Is my mobile phone included in the 'Luggage' cover?

Your mobile phone is one of the special items that are insured under the 'Luggage' guarantee.

Definition: Special items: in the context of the 'Luggage' cover, it is jewelry, precious stones, fine pearls, watches, cameras, cameras, nomadic equipment.

Limit of reimbursement: 50% of the sum insured.

6 - What is meant by depreciation?

It is the depreciation of the value of an item calculated according to the date of purchase.


1 - In the event of a claim, who should I contact?

Please complete the claims declaration form first.

Generally, you can contact us by e-mail: or by phone at +352 45 0045-1 (Mo-Fr, 8-18h, except on public holidays).

2 - How to declare a claim?

You can claim your compensation directly using this form. Please fill in the form completely to ensure a quick processing.

After having sent the completed form to, you will receive a confirmation email.

3 - When do I have to report the claim?

You must report the claim to us within 5 working days of becoming aware of it (unless you are at your place of stay, sick, injured, or requiring an early return):

4 - To whom should I send the documents concerning my claim?

Notify the tour operator without delay. Their cancellation department will provide you with the necessary documents, which you will then send to together with the insurer's claims declaration form.

5 - How to get reimbursed with the travel insurance contract?

The first thing to do if you want to make a claim for reimbursement with your travel insurance is to check if the reason for cancellation is covered by the ACL Travel contracts. The cancellation guarantee allows you to deal with the various unforeseen events that may arise before your departure, however it cannot intervene without a particular reason or in the case of an excluded reason such as a strike or overbooking which are the responsibility of the carrier.

In the event of a cancellation before departure on the trip, a compensation file must be opened on our site within 5 working days of the event which caused the cancellation of your trip.

You will first need to notify your tour operator who may reimburse you for part of the cost of the trip according to its cancellation schedule. He will send you an FFA (Cancellation Fee Invoice) which you must then send us as well as supporting documents to be defined according to the reason for cancellation. The list of supporting documents to be provided is included in the General Conditions of your contract. For example, in the event of illness, a medical questionnaire (which will be sent to you when your file is opened) must be completed, a prescription and/or an examination report.

In addition, we will need your RIB to send you the refund.

6 - What are my rights in matters of complaint concerning my claim file?

Any complaint can be sent by mail to the head office of Baloise Assurances Luxembourg SA, to the attention of the CCC Service, 8, rue du Château d'Eau, L-3364 Leudelange or by email:

In the absence of a satisfactory answer within ninety (90) days, you can contact the Commissariat aux Assurances (prudential control body, empowered to process requests for out-of-court resolution of complaints), according to the terms and conditions appearing on the website of the Commissariat aux Assurances.

In addition, you can also appeal to the Insurance Mediator, according to the procedures appearing on the website of the Association of Insurance Companies and have the right to bring an action in front the competent courts.

7 - In the event of a 'Cancellation' claim: What documents must be provided?

The following documents are required:

  • the booking confirmation of the insured services;
  • the invoice for the cancellation costs of the insured services;
  • if applicable, the official document specifying the family relationship with the person at the origin of the cancellation;
  • after examination of the file, any other documentary evidence at the request of the insurer.

In the event of illness, including related to pregnancy or bodily injury:

  • according to your medical situation, your medical file accompanied, for example, by prescriptions for drug treatment, the report of examinations, the hospitalization report or the notice of sick leave.

In the event of a medical contraindication of vaccination or of following a preventive treatment:

  • the medical certificate of contraindication of vaccination or of follow-up of preventive treatment;
  • any medical document proving the a situation making vaccination or preventive treatment incompatible.

In the event of death:

  • the death certificate;
  • where applicable, the contact details of the notary in charge of the estate of the deceased Insured.

In the event of a remedial examination:

  • the copy of the invitation to the resit examination;
  • the copy of the adjournment or the transcript establishing the adjournment.

In the event of economic dismissal:

  • copy of the letter of invitation to the preliminary dismissal interview;
  • the copy of the letter indicating the dismissal.

In case of obtaining employment:

  • the proof recent job seeker or registration with Pôle Emploi;
  • a copy of the letter of employment or employment contract.

In case of obtaining a paid internship:

  • the recent proof of job seeker or registration with Pôle Emploi;
  • a copy of the paid internship agreement.

In the event of a change in leave paid by the employer:

  • a copy of the prior leave agreement;
  • a copy of the pay slip on which the holiday summary appears for the month of the canceled trip.

In the event of a professional transfer:

  • the copy of the rider signed to your employment contract, stating the date and place of the transfer

In the event of serious material damage:

  • the acknowledgment of receipt of the claim declaration from the comprehensive home insurer;
  • in the event of burglary, a copy of the complaint filed with the police authorities.

In the event of theft of identity papers :

  • a copy of the detailed complaint filed by the police authorities

In case of refusal of a tourist visa:

  • the copy of the invoice issued by the Embassy for the visa application;
  • the copy of the nominal visa refusal letter issued by the competent authority.
8 - In the event of a 'Cancellation' claim: Who can provide me with the cancellation invoice?

The tour operator issues the cancellation invoice on the basis of which the travel insurer reimburses the expenses.

9 - In the event of a 'Cancellation' claim: I had an accident before leaving! What should I do ?

You must immediately inform your tour operator of this fact. The travel cancellation declaration thus becomes effective.

In the event of a claim for reimbursement in the event of cancellation of travel: You must file a claim with ACL Travel within 5 working days.

10 - In the event of a 'Cancellation' claim: Why do I have to complete a medical questionnaire if I nevertheless have a medical certificate?

In the event that you cancel due to illness, you must have your doctor complete a medical questionnaire.

The medical certificate only contraindicates departure. The medical questionnaire details the pathology and thus makes it possible to request the medical documents which materialize it.

11 - In the event of a 'Luggage' claim: What should I do?

If it is a loss or damage to your luggage during transport, a declaration must be made to the person in charge (airline, coach operator, train company, cruise line, etc.). For any other claim, a complaint must be filed within 48 hours with the competent authorities.

In all cases, you must notify us when you return from your trip:

In the event of a claim, compensation will be paid based on the value of the objects at the time of the claim, i.e. an depreciation coefficient will be applied where applicable.

Only repair or replacement costs are included in the calculation of compensation, with transport, travel or correspondence costs remaining payable by the insured.

If investigations are carried out by a police authority following damage, we reserve the right to await the outcome of the investigation.

When the insured items are transported by sea, river or air, we intervene only after exhaustion of all guarantees from the carrier or its insurers.

12 - In the event of a 'Luggage' claim: What should I do in the event of theft, damage or loss of my luggage?

In the event of loss or damage to your luggage by the carrier, you must obtain a certificate from the latter (airline, coach, train company, cruise line, etc.) which recognizes the circumstances of this damage.

In the event of theft, you must file a complaint within 48 hours with the police.

In both cases, it will then be necessary to file a claim with ACL Travel within 5 working days.

13 - In the event of a 'Luggage' claim: Which documents must be provided?

You must send us the booking confirmation of the trip.

You should submit the following documents, if applicable:

In the event of damage during the delivery of goods guaranteed by a transport company:

  • the original of the Luggage Irregularity Report (PIR) drawn up by the luggage department of the transport company;
  • the original check-in ticket for the luggage piece(s) concerned.

In case of loss:

  • the original purchase invoices of the contents of your luggage (if available)

In case of damage:

  • the original invoice for the repairs of the damaged luggage accompanied by a copy of the purchase invoice of the luggage.

In case of late delivery:

  • the certificate of late delivery of the luggage piece(s) mentioning the date and time of delivery as well as invoices for purchase of basic necessities (e.g. clothes)

In case of theft:

  • the detailed complaint filed with the police authorities;
  • photos and appraisal certificates certified by an approved expert in the case of jewelry, watches, pearls, precious stones and artifacts with precious metal.

In the event of theft in a vehicle:

  • the detailed complaint filed with the police authorities;
  • the acknowledgment of receipt of the claim declaration from the automobile insurer or the description of the vehicle on the day the vehicle is returned to the company rental;
  • the original purchase invoice of the luggage.

In case of total or partial destruction of the luggage:

  • the written testimony of a co-traveler or a third party and/or a medical certificate if the damage occurred during a bodily accident of the insured;
  • the invoice for repairs to the damaged luggage accompanied by the copy of the purchase invoice of the luggage;
  • or the certificate of a professional attesting to the irreparable nature of the luggage damaged accompanied by the original invoice of the luggage.